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The company REDNT S.A. respects the right of users of applications created by it for privacy and declares that REDNT S.A. does not collect any data except those necessary for the proper functioning of the application on desired platform.

1. Data that could in any way allow the identification of the User are not collected by the application or made available by the Service Provider to any third parties except the necessary billing data provided by the User under conditions specified in the term of service accepted by the User before registration.

2. REDNT S.A. informs that when using the web application, or an optional mobile version on Android or iOS device, only temporary data is saved on the client's device, such as cookies.

3. Web application uses the following resources and permissions:

  • a) Azure Active Directory user profile - Application signs you in as Azure Active Directory User, furthermore application has permissions to access your data anytime.
  • b) Your browser/application local storage – application uses Web Storage as a form of persistent local archive for user settings and authorization data.

4. The Android system anonymously collects statistical information using Google Play Services.

5. The mobile Android o application uses the following permissions:

  • a) Communication with Google Services (Google Play Services for Android devices) or Apple Push Notification Service for IOS devices - the application uses the service to send push notifications.
  • b) Push notifications - the application can send notifications to the user using push technology. The user may refuse to receive them. Disable this option in the system settings of the application.

Communication with the server is performed via a secure HTTPS connection.

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