Smart industry solutions is a set of cloud solutions dedicated to acquire, present and analyze data from various industrial processes.
If you need to improve process performance, predict potential machine failures or reduce costs of required SCADA infrastructure you are on the right site – provides it all at the same time.




Web and mobile monitoring software
offered in SaaS model.

MOLOS.IoT is a cloud based Web and mobile software dedicated to collect data from devices, distributed processes, automatic control and SCADA systems in order to present these data on-line as alerts for any data out of range.

System can be fed with data from:

  • AMQP, MQTT or OPC UA compliant streams
  • REST API, Modbus/RTU/TCP
  • directly from the sensors using MOLOS.HUB devices
Why Molos.IoT?

Remote monitoring of your industrial process, assets, distributed data acquisition using Web or mobile application. Your engineering or service staff will get online monitoring of those data that are really important. This solution is also perfect for large machine manufacturers that want to reduce costs of warranty conditions by online monitoring of supplied devices worldwide.


Online SCADA software offered in SaaS model.

MOLOS.SCADA is a cloud based Web software offered as an extension to the MOLOS.IoT. It provides all the advantages of MOLOS.IoT with the possibility of graphical presentation of monitored industrial process like in a classic SCADA system.

Why Molos.SCADA?

Typical SCADA systems are complex, expensive and not easy to scale. MOLOS.SCADA solves those issues and combines them with the advantages of MOLOS.IoT and MOLOS.Analytics. No software required to install and no infrastructure to secure. Using SaaS distribution model you are also changing your CAPEX to OPEX.



Machine Learning and BI solution
offered in SaaS model.

MOLOS.Analytics is a set of Web services that can analyze your data in MOLOS.IoT database. You can also access the data directly from your software or a standard SCADA system.

We will:

  • analyze your data
  • train the model with your data
  • provide you with MOLOS.Analytics software that will perform predictive or prescriptive analytics.
Why Molos.Analytics?

If you want to improve your industrial process performance by combining its operation with the predicted parameters or to avoid device failures basing on the historical and online data then MOLOS.Analytics is the right solution for you.


Enterprise SCADA solutions

Large enterprise SCADA system analysis and full or partial migration to the cloud IaaS/PaaS solution.

You are an enterprise client with a large and expensive SCADA (Wonderware, WinCC etc.) system gathering hundreds of thousands of tags, with dozens of terminals and don't want to change it but you want it to be more reliable and want make use of its data ?

We have been building such large systems for years, we know the problems you are facing and can prepare complete analysis of your software and infrastructure to perform full or partial migration to cloud infrastructure in IaaS and PaaS model.

Why Enterprise SCADA solutions?

You will combine the advantages of having current SCADA system with the power of cloud solutions and machine learning. At the same time thanks to the power of Microsoft Azure IaaS/PaaS solutions you will effortlessly solve scalability and performance problems.



Industrial IoT Hub device designed to acquire data directly from sensors, automatic control or machines.

Industrial IoT Hub device designed to :

  • acquire data directly from sensors (analog, discrete, 1-wire®), automatic control devices or machines (Modbus/RTU/TCP)
  • It can be equipped with the GSM module for distributed data acquisition or LAN/WiFi interface for local and plant-wide applications
  • All data to the is sent using encrypted SSL communication

Connect your existing sensors or Modbus/RTU/TCP transmission to the MOLOS.HUB device and send it using encrypted transmission to the Microsoft Azure cloud, where it can be thoroughly processed and analyzed using MOLOS.Analytics and then presented by MOLOS.IoT and MOLOS.SCADA.



We are a team of engineers with over ten years of experience in IT solutions and automatic control for Industry.

During this time we have created and launched dozens of SCADA and remote control systems for our clients. A great part of these systems utilize hundreds of thousands of SCADA tags and dozens of terminals.

Our experience consists of monitoring thousands of medium voltage switching fields, hundreds of belt conveyors, dozens of pump stations and countless number of other devices, automatic control systems and processes. During those years we have designed and introduced advanced vibration diagnostic systems for engines and gearboxes. We are also proficient in hazardous area related issues including complete intrinsically safe solutions (Ex, ATEX, IECEx).

We have combined our experience gathered while solving problems we have faced during design and maintenance of monitoring systems in order to provide you with a suite of solutions that will help you to use the data from your industrial processes with outstanding efficiency.

If you seek a dynamic, young while very experienced team of professionals
– we are the company that you are looking for.


Our Executive Staff


Sebastian Sokol


Computer science engineer and entrepreneur with more than decade of experience in IT solutions for industry and Internet technologies. Graduated from Silesian University of Technology. Motorsport enthusiast and racing driver.


Jan Dubiel


Automatic control engineer with more than ten years of experience in launching SCADA solutions and remote control systems for industry and more than eight years of experience in managing technical and software staff. Graduated from Silesian University of Technology. Mountain hiking enthusiast, in a spare time loves to jog.


Robert Fromm


Economist with over two decades of experience in managing the financial strategy of companies. Graduated from University of Economics in Katowice in accounting and international economic relations. Enthusiast of classical and popular science literature, mainly in the field of physics.


Pawel Branc

Head of Software Division

Computer science and automatic control engineer with more than eight years of experience in software solutions for industry and six years of experience in IT projects management. Graduated from Silesian University of Technology. Musician - organist, arranger and choir conductor.


Krzysztof Czajka

Head of OT/SCADA Division

Automatic control engineer with more than ten years of experience in designing and launching control and SCADA systems for different industries including automotive, food, manufacturing and heavy industry. Graduated from Silesian University of Technology. Basketball enthusiast, and keen sailor.


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